Q: What is activated Charcoal?        

A: Activated Charcoal is pure carbon made from coconut shell.  


Q: How does it work?

A: Activated charcoal carries a net negative charge, so it attracts heavy metals and other toxins. It's tiny pores and immense surface area make it extremely adsorbent remove dangerous particles from your teeth and gums. 

Q: Does the charcoal powder contain any artificial chemical?

A: Absolutely no, our charcoal powder is 100% natural.


Q:Will it damage the enamel?

A:No,It will reinforce your enamel.

Q: How much powder is in the jar?

A: 15g


Q: Will it change the pH of the mouth?

A: Yes, it is helpful in changing the pH and keeping your mouth healthful, and effectively killing the bad bacteria exist in cavities and gingivitis.


Q: Does it work on teeth that are already white?

A: Our Activated Charcoal is an all natural ingredient and does not get teeth whiter than natural white, however it does keep the teeth polished & keeps away bad breath.

Q. Can I use the activated charcoal while pregnant?

A. Our Activated charcoal is an all natural product and can be used for anyone, however we suggest to contact your health professional for a piece of mind.

Q: Can I give it to my kids

A: Our activated charcoal is an all natural product that is typically safe for all, however, you decide if you would like to give to your child(ren)

Q: Can I use normal toothpaste to brush my teeth as well?

A: Yes, you can. Some customers decided to only use charcoal powder, some use it at night and use normal toothpaste in the morning. If you want to use both together, we recommend using charcoal powder first, then use normal toothpaste, this will help to get rid of stains that may remain between your teeth.


Q: Will this charcoal powder expire?

A: Once you open it, the charcoal powder should be used within 1 year. You can have a look at the consistency, if it is black and powdery, you can still use it. Please do not drop water or other things into the powder, and keep it in cool and dry place.

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