Nataisha Maria Roberts aka Ria, Smile Bright Specialist & Founder of Royal Bright Smiles, knew she needed to create a brand of her own due to the lack of job security and an outlet to help implement healthy teeth care knowledge in family households.

Breaking down the barriers that effective teeth care and teeth whitening is unaffordable which makes people shy away from teeth care overall. Royal Bright Smiles is special because not only is it affordable but it’s convenient for every person and their lifestyles.

Nataisha Maria Roberts and Royal Bright Smiles is unstoppable and here to brighten and strengthen the confidence of your smile! Royal Bright Smiles was created by an African American minority, Nataisha Maria Roberts, who is a single mother of two daughters wanted a brand that would always implement family time, healthy teeth routines and boost their overall morale.

We accommodate every client with a relaxing and soothing onsite location that gives them a break from reality that allows them to walk out and brighten someone’s day instantly is anyone’s dream!

Royal Bright Smiles is a business that focuses on building family ties, boosting confidence, and whitening smiles by providing organic products that can be used by the age range of 4-7 months and above that can be done on their terms and at their convenience!

We take pride in providing healthy teeth care tips that will increase the longevity of our clients teeth, health and life.

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