The Power of a Royal Smile

The average woman smiles 62 times per day. How many times have you smiled and were 80 to 100 percent confident in your smile and that it has the ability to brighten someone’s day or even your own day? Growing up in a single parent household where my amazing mom worked so many hours to take care of us, dental hygiene was shown but not prioritized. She was gone before I woke up in the morning and she was still gone when it was time for bed. I remember going to the dentist for regular check ups and having to get mercury fillings and I remember the highlight of those days would be the laughing gas. When I got old enough to learn about flossing, mouthwash and how to not have bad breath I made those things necessities when we went to the store. I was determined to not have those ugly little creatures that were shown on commercials (cavities) to keep finding a place to call home in my MOUTH! Once becoming an adult, I never had a cavity again and made sure to take tons of vitamins during my pregnancies. My children who are now 8 and 14 have never had any cavities. I have implemented flossing, brushing twice a day and healthy mouthwash. I believe we tend to forget that after our set of baby teeth, we only have ONE SET OF ADULT TEETH to last us until our last breath or until we make the decision to get dentures or veneers. Royal Bright Smiles was created to provide myself with job security for myself as a single parent, spend more time with my children, provide free healthy teeth tips, show people that dental care is fun, and to enhance the confidence and smile of my clients. The sexiest curve on your body is your smile. 60% of adults are attracted to somebody by their smile alone. That’s the first thing someone notices on you and it’s the first thing they are intrigued by. It saddens me when I see people laugh and cover their mouths or have very discolored or rotten teeth but very expensive clothes and shoes on. I want people to know that not all dental options aren’t painful. They are tons of things that you can do to rebuild your smile that are inexpensive and we are here to help. Making sure we have chemicals that are less harmful and that they are being used properly will be the most effective for everyone. We want you to be Royal. We want you to shine. We want you to smile bright and that can only be obtained through Royal Bright Smiles. 

Shine Bright, the Royal Way,


Ria Roberts 


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