A Simple Way To Extend Your Life Expectancy

Often we think that the keys to living longer are eating healthy, working out, doing what you love, trying to maintain a balanced and stress free life and having a spiritual connection or a religious relationship. There’s absolutely nothing wrong with those things but there’s another step that thousands, maybe even millions of us humans are leaving out. And what is that you may ask? Flossing! Flossing not only keeps people from having to have those God forbid awful uncomfortable interactions where you have to tell someone they have broccoli, pepper, spinach or meat in their teeth. It can extend your life expectancy up to 6 years because it reduces the chances of infectious diseases can even prevent heartaches! How mind boggling is that? Often times we find ourselves questioning a person who seemed to be overall healthy who just instantly has a heartache or gets a horrible infectious disease and something as simple as flossing could have prevented it. As long as I can remember even as a child, when certain dentist offices or dental workers were granted the opportunity to come to the schools I attended to talk about proper dental care and how flossing prevented those ugly little monsters that were then known as cavities. Now that I’m older, it seems to me that research shows that most parents don’t take out the time to instill those skills with their kids that will be needed on the journey of life ahead. So while reading this blog, set a reminder, alarm, write it on the dry erase calendar on your kitchen fridge to floss to start out flossing at least once a day and increase depending on your intake of food. I prefer to floss midday and at night. When I had braces a few years back I flossed constantly and used any special cleaning dental tools that were available at Wal-Mart or on Amazon. Happy Healthy Beautiful Teeth and Gums come from hard work, dedication and discipline. I know you won’t become a prestigious flosser over night but one day, turns into two and so on and it becomes repetitious. I want to see everyone with beautiful teeth, healthy gums, fresh smelling breath and more lives on the journey of life for you. If you won’t floss for yourself, floss for your spouse, your children, all the friends and family that love you and aren’t done creating memories with you oh and ME. FLOSS FOR ME!



As always...Shine Bright, The Royal Way. 






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