10 Reasons Why Your Graduate Should Celebrate During Quarantine

Reflecting back, I can't recall a time where any member of my family, friends or myself had successfully completed a degree, got a job promotion, announced a pregnancy, or anything that to US was a milestone where we were not able to celebrate. We looked forward to receiving the energy and praise for our accomplishments.

COVID-19 has the entire world hurting and a positive celebration could lift the spirits of those around you and also your online community. Yes, things have changed and a simple hug or pat on the back could transfer a deadly virus to you or those you love so thinking outside the box is definitely a great idea.

If you need any ideas to celebrate the accomplishments of your loved ones Pinterest has so many ideas, also just type in #celebrate or #graduation on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram to see what type of ideas others have created and put your own twist to it!

I personally got to witness firsthand the sadness and disappointment that one of my relatives were experiencing due to graduation from college being postponed or even cancelled because of COVID-19. It hurt me to see her sad for I knew how hard she worked towards her degree, the long nights, early mornings, working while being in school, clubs and organizations and still trying to be social and spend time with family and friends. I decided to reach out to a great friend that does custom work (Tailored Charm, LLC) and get her a few things with her degree on it and have her friends send loving videos expressing their happiness and proudness of her and all of her accomplishments and get the family over and it was a hit! Her mother and father had matching shirts saying they have a daughter who just graduated, also had her a shirt that she changed into, facemask with her grad year and one of her graduation pics on it, cake, balloon arch and great energy! Everything was under $250 including food and decorations. You never know how your small gesture can have such an enormous impact on someone's heart and energy!

Below are the 10 reasons why I feel your Graduate should celebrate during quarantine:

1. They have proven how strong they can be during an pandemic.

2. It's something to celebrate LOL.

3. They have learned so much.

4. They have set themselves up for future success.

5. They've made great memories during a sad time.

6. Remained optimistic and relentless.

7. Didn't let their fears, anxiety or depression hold them back.

8. They invested more than money to earn their diploma/degree.

9. Any accomplishment deserves recognition.

10. Life is so short, give them their flowers while you are still graced with their presence.


The world will keep spinning, days will turn into nights, businesses will close and never profit again, people who have sprinkled our hearts we may never get that feeling from again...but your 2020 Graduate managed to still get a diploma/degree during these times. Celebrate them. Love on them. Think of them. They persevered while traveling through a world filled of instant terror, poverty, grief, sorrow and hate. 2020 is still their year! They've proven it and earned it! 


To all of the classes of 2020,

Thank you for being my hero and reminding me to stay strong!








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